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Lead Generation: The Bread and Butter of Successful MSPs

With the growing demand and the rising competition, even MSPs have their hands full with various challenges to break down. Managing existing client relationships, providing support and maintaining quality, is leaving MSPs short on resource and time to focus on MSP lead generation. While every MSP wants to add a new lead generation plan do their existing strategy, very few are on the right track to pull it off.

The problem is simple, MSPs are bottlenecked with limited budget and time, making it difficult to execute actionable lead generation plans. Every growing business needs a steady flow of monthly recurring revenue, and MSPs are no exception. While traditional word of mouth strategy works great, it is not consistent, reliable or measurable. Creating a consistent MSP lead generation framework is crucial to revenue generation and sustaining in the long run. That means, having a dedicated marketing and sales team, along with carefully laid out plans to generate new leads.

The first step of creating an effective MSP lead generation strategy, is to identify and set achievable goals. It can be how much revenue you wish to generate every month, or how many new leads to acquire. Overall, it will provide the whole organization an idea of where the company is headed. The step is to allocate budget and resources to set up the right lead generation tools. Now based on the size of the MSP, available resources, and target customers, there are quite a few options to pick from. Cold calls, for instance, is still pretty viable, even though old fashioned. The reason cold calls work for MSPs, is because IT troubles never comes announced, but once they do, businesses will know who to look for. Referral strategies have better lead ratio, and can be a great tool to work with if proper compensation strategies can be added. Thus, a list of warm leads can also be created.


But currently, there are more advanced lead generation tools take advantage of, starting from your website. Website traffic provides a valuable source of potential leads that can eventually make it to the pipeline. With a credible list, email marketing also becomes another effective option to consider. Using relevant and well planned contents, email marketing can be very cost effective in bringing inflows to the pipeline, especially if added with free newsletter and whitepapers. Through blogs and video contents, further credibility and expertise can be established, making MSPs trustable and stand out from the rest of the competition.

The next step is to focus on the marketing itself, and using the tools properly. It is important to note that the secret to success is measuring progress and aligning results with predefined goals. Lastly, and often the most ignored aspect, is accountability. Accountability is the key to success. MSPs need to have a weekly sales meeting and review activities versus goals for the week. MSP lead generation is simple; you just need to do a few of the right things each week. Build a playbook to track daily, weekly, and monthly sales activity goals and results. Through consistent improvement, and sufficient effort, sales and revenue will soon be rolling.